During my pregnancy, I felt overjoyed over the miracle growing inside of me, a gift I thought I’d never have. I intuitively knew I was having a son and would laugh over how I said for years I wanted a mischievous little boy. I also had moments where I’d hold my belly and cry, knowing I was bringing a Black male child into this world.

I would often listen to Regina Belle’s “If I Could.” With tears flowing I’d sing along, “If I could I would try to shield your innocence from time, but the part of life I gave…

I watched as my Grandfather’s life declined. My whole life I’ve known this man to be the most gentle, kind and loving person. What I think impacted me more deeply than anything else was watching him adore my grandmother.

I grew up spending many weekends, holidays and Summers with my grandparents. I witnessed the same routine, day in and day out. Within all that time, I was blessed to be able to see my grandparents love for each other. They were truly each other’s best friends along with being “man and wife.” …


I was blessed to be able to take my son to Maui for his birthday. Though we stayed for 4 days, it was an amazing trip. The people were wonderful, the food was fantastic and what I thought was going to be a week of rest, turned into a 4-day adventure.

When I told my son about our trip he was elated. I suggested he look up activities and let me know. Being a research oriented young man, he disappeared into his room and came back immediately with a list. Top of the list was “Zipline.”

I looked him…

Are Both Possible?

I have been studying blending herbs and spices for teas since 2004 when I entered into a homebirth midwifery course. Though I decided to not pursue being a midwife, something inside of me ascended to a profound place of curiosity and wonder when I put together blends. I felt connected to each herb I touched.

In the years that followed, I created teas for every reason. When I felt sick, I created a tea. When I wanted a new flavor, a blend came to me. When I became pregnant, I researched, studied and created a new tea…

A Dichotomy

As I continue on my own personal weight loss journey I continue to reflect on my life as a Foodie and a person who believes in Holistic Health. To some, the two are in contrast, in my own mind and life, the two are not mutually exclusive. I wrote this blog in April of 2019 and I still stand on it’s validity, despite what my Covid eating experience created. Here’s “Foodie and Nutrition Educator: A Dichotomy” from my Wordpress blog 1TaraChristina.

For as long as I remember, I’ve loved food. I grew up eating a plethora of delicious…

My Weight Loss Journey

I previously published how I gained 30 pounds in That Covid 30,” and the emotional turmoil I felt over the realization of how out-of-control my weight had gotten. It was more than hurtful however, I also felt embarrassed because of my history as a Holistic Nutrition Educator. I didn’t realize the impact shelter-in-place order would have on my physical state.

Fast forward 13 months later and I made an active decision to lose those additional pounds and their companion inches around my waistline. …

My Weight Gain Journey

At first it was funny to me, the extra curricular snacking I took up when the pandemic picked up in our area. I would buy a bag of organic, non-GMO tortilla chips and make fresh pico de gallo using the tomatoes growing in our garden. I posted pictures on Instagram, joking around about healthy snacking. Then that two-week quarantine turned into four, then six, then eight… The uncertainty grew and as lock-down continued, so did the snacking and for many, alcohol consumption increased as well.

I unintentionally turned that occasional bag of chips with homemade pico…

Discomfort with Rage

Injustice in America

As I sit here after several hours of watching white nationalists storm into the nations capitol and create chaos, I realized how uncomfortable I am with rage. I pulled away from the television, prayed, cried and realized there’s no way around these feelings if I want to live.

I am a Biracial Black Woman, Mother to an amazing Black Male Teen. I want the best for him as well as all Black and Brown children in this world. In my 50 years on this planet I have seen countless acts of violence against Black…

Born in the 70’s to a Black Woman and White man, I was the bridge that brought hatred together.

Raised to be Black, after the age of 7 when my father left.

Black family, Black neighborhood, mostly Black friends, Black church, my only touch of Whiteness was from Summers and holidays with my Paternal Grandparents. Plus the occasional visits with my father that diminished over the years.

I never understood the constant stares directed towards the Brown Black Woman and her Pale-skinned daughter. “You’re Black,” is what my family told me.

A Black male relative told me for years, “You…

That 2-week Shelter-in-Place order seemed like it was going to be a welcome break from the everyday tasks of life. Then 2 weeks turned to 4, then 6 then… Before I knew it I was scheduling insanity in order to express myself so that I could stay “sane.”

Having both introverted and extroverted qualities, I thought I would make the best of this time. I had my “homeschooling” time with my son, taking care of minute business tasks while looking for work and then overbooking myself with Zoom meetings to stay “connected.”

Then after I could no longer take looking…

Tara Christina M

Biracial Black Woman and Proud Cape Verdean. I love good food, great wine, tea and being a Mom. You can read more at 1TaraChristina.com.

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