I Got Dressed Today and it Felt Good

Self-Care and Shelter-in-Place

It’s been 5 days since the Bay Area was ordered to “Shelter-in-Place” as a measure to stop the spread of the “Corona Virus.” I actually do not mind being at home, on my own or with my son and cats. Something about being ordered to only go out for necessary reasons that’s made this time more of a challenge for me. However, I’ve stayed in to do my part to stay healthy and keep others safe as well. One thing I noticed however, was that I stopped getting dressed in the morning.

I’ve changed my routine for no real reason other than being inside more. I’ve been sleeping in later than usual. I also have been showering in the afternoon rather than first thing in the morning. Instead of wearing regular clothing, I’ve put on a new set of pajamas or sweats. I’ve had online business meetings with a nice top and pajama bottoms, hey, no one can see, is what I’ve told myself. What I’ve noticed is that my spirit has also felt low.

Today, after an inspiring online meeting with one of my writer’s groups, I decided to shower, change and put on something other than pajamas. Honestly, I put on my favorite jeans and t-shirt, but it‘s felt better than pj’s. I’m not a materialistic person, however there’s something inspiring about getting dressed daily. I feel better.

Self-care is very important to me. I try to do something daily to take care of myself. Whether a nice walk, a healthy meal, or even meditation, I connect in some way. Today I noticed that the simple act of putting on “outside clothing” was a necessary act in order to lift my spirit, to make me feel whole. It worked and I feel extremely grateful.

What’s one small action you can take to lift up your spirit?


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Tara Christina M

Biracial Black Woman and Proud Cape Verdean. I love good food, great wine, tea and being a Mom. You can read more at 1TaraChristina.com.