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I Got in a Pretty Bad Car Accident This Week

Then Committed a Random Act of Kindness

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On Tuesday of this week, I got into a pretty bad car accident. I’m just now recalling the details. All the airbags deployed and I remember screaming as I thought the car was going to explode and I couldn’t get out. I managed to get out the car and run over to a couple of bystanders who asked me if I were okay. The other driver came up to me and I asked if he was okay. He looked at me concerned and said, “Me, Are you okay?”

The next 30 minutes was a scattered symphony of passersby, fire fighters, and police officers asking many questions. One firefighter poked on my chest, trying to determine if I was injured enough to go to the hospital, then turned around and said, “She’s not injured.” I erupted in anger and shouted, “Not injured, look at this!” as I showed him my arm with the burns and deep bruising from the air bag and hitting the steering wheel.

The police kept asking us questions and I had a difficult time putting together a sentence. My whole body was shaking and one of the bystanders, who was comforting me the entire time as he guided me through deep breaths told the officer, “She’s in shock.” The officer finally gave me a few moments.

I didn’t go to the hospital. Fortunately a dear friend was jogging by and stayed with me through the ordeal. She also offered me a ride home.

As I cried in the car, I complained about how life seemed to keep handing me challenges despite how positive I try to be. I talked about how I wanted to be more helpful to others, how I dreamed of being a philanthropist. I told her the story about how over the weekend, singer Sia randomly paid for people’s purchases at two different stores. I talked about how I dreamed of the day I could just walk up and pay for someone’s groceries, how I would love to fund programs that actually help pull homeless people off the streets and put them into in safe, healthy homes.

My friend quietly listened. I looked over to her and as I was apologizing for complaining, she smiled at me. She told me that one day I would be able to do all those things, that she had every confidence in me and my abilities to contribute. Then she told me a beautiful story and said, “Start with what’s in your hands.” That sentence stuck with me. After she dropped me off at home, I called my doctor and then spent several hours dealing with insurance agents.

The next day I had to get back to my crushed car and wait for the tow truck driver. As I took items out my car to put them in bags for my trip back home, I looked up and saw a homeless person sitting on the bench with a bunch of suitcases in a cart. I looked in my trunk, and as I was getting ready to put my emergency blanket in a bag, something inside of me said to give it to the person. I initially thought, “This is my favorite blanket,” but then I said to myself, “I have plenty of blankets at home.” I picked up the emergency bottle of water I purchased last month, I grabbed the blanket, closed my trunk and walked over to the person sitting on the bench.

I looked at the person and said, “Would you like these?” They looked at me and nodded. I smiled, handed over the blanket and water. I looked at them in the eyes and said, “God Bless,” then walked away.

I went back to my car, gathered the last of my paperwork, and then decided to walk to the grocery store. I looked up and saw that the person wrapped themselves in the blanket. They looked up, smiled at me and waved. I smiled and waved back.

On the way to the store, the tow truck company called and said that they were at the car so I walked back. The person on the bench was wrapped in the blanket, rocking back and forth. They looked up at me, smiled and waved. I smiled and waved again.

I gathered my belongings, got in the tow truck and looked over at the person again. They looked up at me with an even wider smile and waved. I matched their smile, looked in their eyes, and waved back. The tow truck driver got in the truck and we drove off. I thought to myself, I forgot to wave goodbye to the person on the bench. I thought to myself, how I wished I had the money to put the person someplace nice and warm to live. I then remembered, “Start with what’s in your hand.”

I’m home recuperating, hoping to take the day off from insurance agents so that I can rest, cuddle with my cats and read before my son gets home. As I lay in bed, I plot how I’ll spend my millions of dollars when they arrive, how I’ll begin my philanthropy practice. I take comfort in knowing that I can start with what’s already in my hands.

Thank you to all the angels who have supported me through this ordeal. I send loving thoughts and prayers to all those who are hurting right now, that they may receive nourishing support.




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