I Made a Date with Depression and Here’s What She Had to Say

Tara Christina M
2 min readJun 3, 2022


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My Dearest One, we are living in some challenging times. Not the worst this country has ever seen, but for you and your generation, it’s been rough. You’ve been through some pretty extreme circumstances personally, and what seemed like several failures professionally. Yes, while that’s all true, you’re still here and you just keep going.

It may seem daunting at times, okay, well it’s been beyond frightening, and you keep moving forward. What I’d like for you to do now is just sit. Sit with me, feel me. Look at me in my eyes and see the pain. I need you to see me, honor who I am and what I’ve been through. You’ve been strong, now it’s time to feel the pain, the rejection, the abandonment, the humiliation. Walk through the rage, you’ve earned that walk. What I’m asking is that you no longer ignore me. You don’t have to fake it with me, walk head up high with a smile on your face. Look at me and honor my reasons for being here in your life right now in this moment.

So, I made a date with depression, I invited her to tea. I sat with her, felt the deep, guttural pain, and I cried. I let the tears flow. I wrote out all of my unfiltered feelings, honoring her, and seeing me. I walked through to the other side, and I thanked her for teaching me to honor myself and all my experiences. I turned, waved goodbye, and moved forward in my wholeness.

***Depression can be a momentary experience, but it can also be a serious issue. If you are feeling any sadness, or even deep depression, I ask that you reach out for support. Whether a trusted friend, a pastor, or a professional, it really is okay to get help. It took me years of therapy to get to the place where I confronted the “darkness” on my own. You don’t have to be alone walking through yours.

Be Well,


If you are looking for support in your area, Psychology Today has a great website where you can look for a therapist or support group.

If you are experiencing any thoughts of hurting yourself or another, please call the suicide hotline: 1–800–273–8255

You don’t have to walk through this alone, there are truly good people in this world who can help.



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