I Went on a Date with Rage

Tara Christina M
1 min readNov 26, 2019

We Danced

Claremont Canyon © 2018 Tara Christina

I went on a date with rage.
I looked straight in her eyes,
I listened,
I watched her in all her ferociousness.
The ugliness,
the tears.

I watched her shake, tremble as if
something outside of her was pushing her back and forth,
disrupting her core.

I watched her emotions,
witnessed her pain.
Even felt the depth of her sadness,
her justifiable anger.

I went on a date with rage.
I listened,
I heard her,
I loved her deep down to her emotional core.
I danced with her,
and watched her transform
into Light.



Tara Christina M

Biracial Black Woman, Mother, Author, Tea-Maker & World Travelin' Foodie. You can read more at TaraChristina.com.