Losing That Covid 30

  1. All sweets, except for fruits and/or honey in my oatmeal.
  2. Grains, except for Fonio.
  3. Beans
  4. Bread, including Gluten-Free.
  5. Pasta, including Gluten-Free
  1. Fresh organic vegetables, raw or lightly sauteed.
  2. Organic free range meats.
  3. Fish, salmon, catfish or cod mostly. I also occasionally eat prawns.
  4. Fresh fruit.
  5. Smoothies, homemade with fruits, almond butter and almond milk or coconut water.
© 2021 Tara Christina



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Tara Christina M

Tara Christina M

Biracial Black Woman and Proud Cape Verdean. I love good food, great wine, tea and being a Mom. You can read more at 1TaraChristina.com.