The Complexities of Me:

Tara Christina M
2 min readOct 11, 2019

Just a Random Poem

Self Portrait: © 2019 Tara Christina

I’m a Holistic Nutrition Educator who LOVES foods that are traditional to the environment that nourished me as a child, AKA, Southern Foods. I do know however, that they may not be good for my body. Sometimes they are at odds with my “Holistic Nutrition” Teachings, but they’re always nourishing to my Soul.

I love wine but I don’t like being drunk.

I LOVE and EMBRACE diversity, but honestly I thrive more around progressive Black Folks who love themselves as much as community.

I am the truest description of Ambivert. I can network like a “Pro,” talking, laughing and engaging in productive conversation till that moment happens. I shift, I need to be alone, and I will unapologetically leave an event to regroup.

Growing up between a Black and White world, I very often felt like I was being tugged back and forth in a game of “Tug of War.” Am I Black, like the “One Drop Rule” describes me to be? Or am I “White?” After years of grueling self work I made a choice. My Spiritual answer is, “I Am the I AM.” My core true answer is, I am a “Biracial Black Woman” and PROUD!

I vibe with Ledisi’s “Pieces of Me.” I am far from what society defines me. My character is much more complex. You can’t necessarily see me, if you look within the lens of your societal definitions.

I’m Humanity. Period!

Thank you!



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